Pronunciation Adjective

jeep (not comparable)

  1. (military) Pertaining to utility or general purpose.

jeep (plural jeeps)

  1. A small, blocky, military-style vehicle with four-wheel drive, suited to rough terrain.
  2. A light utility truck from WWII used by the U.S. Army, and subsequently turned into the trademark Jeep when civilianized by originating manufacturer Willys-Overland.
  3. (genericized trademark) A sport utility vehicle or similar four-wheel-drive vehicle.
Translations Verb

jeep (jeeps, present participle jeeping; past and past participle jeeped)

  1. (ambitransitive) To travel by jeep.
    • 1997, John H. Esterline, ‎Mae H. Esterline, Innocents Abroad: How We Won the Cold War (page 272)
      From there we jeeped over extraordinarily difficult roads to Marwari City, the site of Southern Philippine University, where I had been invited to address a convocation on the subject of "College Life in the United States."

jeep (plural jeeps)

  1. (corrosion) A device for detecting discontinuity in a protective coating, also called a "holiday detector"
  2. (AU, regional) A covered shopping cart, also called a "shopping stroller".

Pronunciation Noun

jeep (plural jeeps)

  1. A vehicle (of a particular brand) suitable for rough terrain.

Proper noun
  1. (military) Initialism of Joint Emergency Evacuation Plan

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