Pronunciation Verb
  1. Simple past tense and past participle of ken

kent (plural kents)

  1. (Scotland) A shepherd's staff.
  2. (Scotland) A pole or pike.

kent (kents, present participle kenting; past and past participle kented)

  1. (Scotland) To propel (a boat) using a pole.

Pronunciation Proper noun
  1. A maritime county in southeast England bordered by East Sussex, Surrey, Greater London, the North Sea and the English Channel.
  2. A river in Cumbria, England, which flows into Morecambe Bay at Arnside.
  3. A district municipality in British Columbia, Canada.
  4. .
  5. An unincorporated community in Elmore County, Alabama.
  6. An unincorporated community in Pike County, Alabama.
  7. A ghost town in Colusa County, California.
  8. .
  9. A town in Litchfield, Connecticut.
  10. An unincorporated community in Nassau County, Florida.
  11. An unincorporated community in Stephenson County, Illinois.
  12. An unincorporated community/and/census-designated place in Republican Township, Jefferson County.
  13. A former city/and/census-designated place in Union County, Iowa, disincorporated in 2003.
  14. A tiny city in Wilkin County, Minnesota.
  15. A town in Putnam County, New York.
  16. A city in Portage County, Ohio.
  17. An unincorporated community in Sherman County, Oregon.
  18. An unincorporated community in Culbertson County, Texas.
  19. A city in King County, Washington.
  20. A neighborhood in northwest Washington, D.C..
  21. An unincorporated community in Marshall County, West Virginia.
  22. Surname derived from the place name.
  23. A male given name; but never popular.
  • Russian: Кент
  • Spanish: Kent

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