Pronunciation Noun
  1. plural form of mile
  2. (informal) A great distance in space or time.
    His final shot missed the bullseye by miles.
    From the top of the hill you can see for miles.
    No need to hurry. The deadline is miles away.

miles (not comparable)

  1. much; a lot used to emphasise a comparative
    Her new paintings are miles better than her older ones.

Pronunciation Proper noun
  1. A male given name.
    • 1858 Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, ''The Courtship of Miles Standish:
      Clad in doublet and hose, and boots of Cordovan leather, / Strode, with a martial air, Miles Standish the Puritan Captain.
    • 2011 Ali Smith, There but for the, Hamish Hamilton, ISBN 9780241143407, page 191:
      Just one thing, if I may, Mark said. It's Miles, his name. Not Milo.
      Yeah, I know, Anna's always going on about that too. But Milo's better, Milo's got something about it, hasn't it? the man said. It's catchier. It's catching on round the camp, Milo, where Miles sounds a bit, well, wet. A bit middle class, you know?
  2. Surname, also derived from a Middle English form of Michael.

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