• IPA: /ˈzuːluː/

Zulu (not comparable)

  1. Pertaining to the Zulu people, culture, or language.
  • French: zoulou
  • German: Zulu-, zulu-, zuluisch
  • Italian: zulù
  • Portuguese: zulu
  • Russian: зулу́сский
  • Spanish: zulú


  1. (countable) An individual member of the Zulu people.
  2. topics en An African ethnic group living mainly in the KwaZulu-Natal Province in eastern South Africa.
  3. The letter Z in the ICAO spelling alphabet
  4. A designation for time along the prime meridian; UTC; Zulu time.
    • Noon MST is 19:00 Zulu.
  5. topics en (uncountable) The language of these people, a Bantu language; isiZulu.
    Synonyms: isiZulu
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  • Italian: Zara
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