• (British, America) IPA: /əˈluː.vi.əl/

alluvial (not comparable)

  1. Pertaining to the soil deposited by a stream.
    • 1992, Anna K. Behrensmeyer & Robert W. Hook, "Paleoenvironmental Contexts and Taphonomic Modes" in, Terrestrial Ecosystems through Time, page 35.
      Soils are a prominent feature of floodplain environments, and we include them in this section because most of the available information on ancient soils pertains to alluvial examples, aside from those in Quaternary-Recent time.
Synonyms Translations
  • French: alluvial
  • Italian: alluvionale
  • Portuguese: aluvial
  • Russian: наносно́й
  • Spanish: aluvial, aluvional

alluvial (plural alluvials)

  1. A deposition of sediment over a long period of time by a river; an alluvial layer.
  2. Alluvial soil; specifically, in Australia, gold-bearing alluvial soil.
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