• (British, America) IPA: /ˈbækhænd/

backhand (plural backhands)

  1. (tennis) a stroke made across the chest from the off-hand side to the racquet hand side; a stroke during which the back of the hand faces the shot.
  2. Handwriting that leans to the left
  3. (Ultimate Frisbee) the standard throw; a throw during which the disc begins on the off-hand side and travels across the chest to be released from the opposite side.
  4. The reverse side of the human hand.
  5. (surfing) the hand towards the back of the board.
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backhand (backhands, present participle backhanding; past backhanded, past participle backhanded)

  1. to execute a backhand stroke or throw
  2. to slap with the back of one's hand
  • Italian: tirare di rovescio


  1. (handwriting) Of any left slanting handwriting
  2. (of strokes or throws) In the backhand style
  3. (ice hockey) Of a play that uses the back side of the hockey stick
    He scored on a backhand shot.

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