1. (idiomatic, often pejorative) Looking or seeming identical; created by some standard or common means; often with the implication that the result is boring, overly simple, or not applicable to all needs.
    • 1990, Adweek, Vol. 31, Issues 36-44, page 16.
      "We tried to make something that wasn't cookie-cutterish," said Maureen Moore, creative director. "The idea is the same in each, but the situation is different. The spots are fresh and reward the viewer."
    • 1994, United States Committee on Armed Services. Hearings on National Defense Authorization Act for fiscal year 1995--S. 2182 (H. R. 4301).
      Maybe the analyses look all too cookie-cutterish. They seem to make things all too simple.
    • 2005, Cynthia Anne Huff, ed. Women's Life Writing and Imagined Communities, page 222.
      Most of us don't fit that cookie cutterish background anymore... Each one of us has a different tale to tell and none of them will be identical.
    • 2013, Akutra-Ramses Atenosis Cea. Spidersilk, page 67.
      “Don't you think the Applied Dynamics Web site is a bit cookie-cutterish?”
      Garrick swiftly moved his hand around his tablet screen. “Yeah, most certainly. Nothing special about it, not really any company art other than the logo.”

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