• (British) IPA: /ˈdɛmənstɹeɪtə(ɹ)/

demonstrator (plural demonstrators)

  1. One who demonstrates anything, or proves beyond doubt.
  2. The forefinger.
  3. One who takes part in a demonstration; a protester.
  4. One who demonstrates products in a retail environment; a merchandiser.
  5. An item, particularly a vehicle, used in demonstrations to a customer or user.
    • 2006, Ellie Lewis, Promoting the Health and Well-being of Young People in Supported Housing (page 56)
      Young people have been involved in choosing which resources and educational toys are used to deliver sex and relationship education – including leaflets, videos and condom demonstrators.
  6. An assistant to a lecturer.
  7. One who teaches anatomy from the dissected parts.
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