• (British) IPA: /dɪ.samˈbɪɡjuːeɪt/

disambiguate (disambiguates, present participle disambiguating; past and past participle disambiguated)

  1. To remove ambiguities from; to make less ambiguous.
  2. (linguistics) To distinguish one word or lexical unit (from a different one which has a similar form).
    • 1967, Language: Journal of the Linguistic Society of America, vol. 43, p. 619:
      When necessary, the Greek spelling is disambiguated by an appended phonetic transcription.
    • 2016, John Simpson (lexicographer), The Word Detective, Little, Brown 2016, p. 281:
      The dictionary's traditional “readers” have largely survived this transition, too. They find earlier and better uses of terms which computers can't (in the jargon) disambiguate—distinguish from other similar uses.

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