1. (mostly, archaic) A slut or slattern; a slovenly woman.
    • 1604, Robert Dallington, The View of Fraunce, London, Symon Stafford,
      For yee shall not onely see the Damoiselles (Gentlewomen) and them of the better sort, but euery poore Chapperonnieze (draggletayle) euen to the Coblers daughter, that can Dance with good measure, & Arte, all your Quarantes, Leualties, Bransles, & other Dances whatsoeuer […]
    • 2010, Alexander Granach, Herbert Lewis, From the Shtetl to the Stage: The Odyssey of a Wandering Actor, page 133:
      It was a long canting monologue, which ended with, "And a lady is just what you are not — you don't even wear under-drawers, you draggle-tail!" Whereupon in her fury she lifted her skirts and showed me that she did wear underdrawers.
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