• (America) enPR: ĕth'ān, IPA: /ˈɛθeɪn/
  • (RP) enPR: ēth'ān, IPA: /ˈiːθeɪn/

ethane (uncountable)

  1. (organic compound, uncountable) An aliphatic hydrocarbon, C2H6, gaseous at normal temperatures and pressures, being a constituent of natural gas.
  2. (organic compound, countable) The same compound, subjected to modification by replacing one or more of the hydrogen atoms with other radicals.
    chlorinated ethanes; halogenated ethanes
    • 1968, Transactions of the Faraday Society, Volume 64, page 1573 ↗,
      Analysis of the ethane fraction also revealed anomalous deuteration of the ethane, the ethanes C2H5D, C2H4D2 and C2H3D3 being observed as well as C2H6. Ethanes with more than three D atoms were not detected.

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