• (GA) IPA: /ˈkɪsɚ/

kisser (plural kissers)

  1. One who kisses.
    She's a great kisser!
    Synonyms: pasher
  2. (slang) Mouth.
    • 1918, Ralph Selwood Kendall, Benton of the Royal Mounted, Grosset & Dunlap, New York, p. 121:
      Get yore handkerchief ready, an' run out an' cram it into his kisser an' choke th' —— if he starts in to holler.
  3. (slang) Face.
    • 1999, Karen Shenfeld, "Fanny Brice 1891-1951," in The Law of Return, Guernica, ISBN 1550710923, p. 18:
      Not a pretty kisser,
      but so mobile those
      drawn-on brows, bulging
      peepers green as dill,
      cock-eyed grin,
      the It Girls lost it
      beside her.
  4. The kissing gourami.
  5. (archery) A button on a bowstring that indicates consistent height when drawing a bow, for example by being placed against the archer's mouth .

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