1. In a lonely manner.
    • 1852, Matthew Arnold, Tristram and Iseult, III. Iseult of Brittany, in Empedocles on Etna and Other Poems, London: B. Fellowes, pp. 151-152,
      […] and strong
      The blackbird whistled from the dingles near,
      And the light chipping of the woodpecker
      Rang lonelily and sharp: […]
    • 1982, Bernard Malamud, God’s Grace, “Cohn’s Island,”
      He often thought, when they passed each other in a clearing, of asking him to the cave for an occasional meal, but when he tried in sign language—pointing to his mouth with his finger—to convey an invitation that George return with him for a fruit-salad dessert plus a cup of banana beer, the wary great ape, his dark brown eyes lonelily observing Cohn, made mournful growling noises.

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