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  1. (uncountable) Water or other liquid finely suspended in air.
    It was difficult to see through the morning mist.
  2. (countable) A layer of fine droplets or particles.
    There was an oily mist on the lens.
  3. (figurative) Anything that dims or darkens, and obscures or intercepts vision.
    • His passion cast a mist before his sense.
Translations Translations Verb

mist (mists, present participle misting; past and past participle misted)

  1. To form mist.
    It's misting this morning.
  2. To spray fine droplets on, particularly of water.
    I mist my tropical plants every morning.
  3. To cover with a mist.
    The lens was misted.
  4. (of the eyes) To be covered by tears.
    My eyes misted when I remembered what had happened.
  • French: faire de la brume, brumer
  • Portuguese: enevoar
  • Russian: орошать

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