nonexistent (not comparable)

  1. Not existent; not real.
    Synonyms: inexistent, Thesaurus:inexistent
    "Hrunk" is a nonexistent word.
    His social skills are nonexistent: he chewed with his mouth open all through dinner.
    • 1994, William Martin Hunt, Decennial Census: 1995 Test Census Presents Opportunities to Evaluate New Census-Taking Methods, US General Accounting Office, page 4 ↗,
      In the 1995 Test Census, the Bureau plans to test the use of Postal Service letter carriers to identify vacant and nonexistent units when it mails census questionnaires.
    • 1996, Dale Jacquette, Meinongian Logic: The Semantics of Existence and Nonexistence, Walter de Gruyter, page 7 ↗,
      If there is anything of philosophical significance to be taken at face value in ordinary thought and language it is the reference and attribution of properties to existent and nonexistent objects.
    • 2015, Jonathan Gold, Paving the Great Way: Vasubandhu's Unifying Buddhist Philosophy, Columbia University Press, 2016, Paperback, page 275 ↗,
      Conversely, to return to the point at hand, nonexistent entities can be known, even by a Buddha, without being, thereby, substantial.
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