palmate (not comparable)

  1. (chiefly, botany) Having three or more lobes or veins arising from a common point.
    Although palmate leaves are typical of most Western maples, a number of species have leaves without lobes.
  2. (botany) (leaves) Having more than three leaflets arising from a common point, often in the form of a fan.
    • 1909, Eleanor Stockhouse Atkinson, "In the Tree Tops", The How and Why Library.
      The horse chestnut, buckeye and hickory trees have palmate leaves. That is, the broad oval leaflets are all set around the tip of a common leaf stem, spreading in a circle, like the ribs of a palm leaf fan.
  3. (rare) Having webbed appendage; palmated.
    The Palmate Newt is a common Western European amphibian.
  4. (rare) Hand-like; shaped like a hand with extended fingers

palmate (plural palmates)

  1. (chemistry) A salt or ester of ricinoleic acid (formerly called palmic acid); a ricinoleate.

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