• (America) IPA: /ˈpɝməˌfɹɔst/


  1. Permanently frozen ground, or a specific layer thereof.
    • 2003, Johannes C. Nonner, Introduction to Hydrogeology ↗, ISBN 9026518706, page 157,
      Nevertheless, the water molecule is present, as ice, in a solid form in frozen soils or permafrosts, which cover large regions characterised by a polar climate.
  • French: pergélisol, permafrost
  • German: Permafrostboden
  • Italian: permafrost
  • Portuguese: permafrost
  • Russian: ве́чная мерзлота́
  • Spanish: permafrost, permacongelamiento, permagel, pergelisuelo, pergelisol, suelo permanentemente congelado, suelo permanentemente helado

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