1. A process or act of placating; appeasement or an expression of appeasement.
    • 1888, "Manners and meals," Science, vol. 12, no. 283, p. 3 ↗:
      The refusal, at certain times and seasons, of food that in itself is hygienically good and palatable, in placation of a deity, or, without further explanation, to avoid bad luck, is well known among the lower tribes of men.
    • 1917, Jack London, Jerry of the Islands, ch. 7:
      Instead, Jerry was all placation and appeal, all softness of pleading.
    • 2006, Dan DeWalt, "Impeachment is too important to leave to the Democrats ↗,", 14 May (retrieved 8 Aug. 2009):
      While these political sellout artists have been intoning their mind numbing placations, citizens across the nation have been speaking and acting.

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