• IPA: /ˈpɹaɪməl/

primal (not comparable)

  1. Being the first in time or in history.
    primal man
  2. Of greatest importance; primary.
  3. (meat trade) Being one of the pieces of meat initially separated from the carcass during butchering, prior to division into smaller cuts.
Synonyms Translations
  • Russian: перви́чный
  • Spanish: primer

primal (plural primals)

  1. A primal cut (of meat).

primal (primals, present participle primaling; past and past participle primaled)

  1. (intransitive) To take part in primal therapy.
    • 1979, The Journal of Orgonomy (volume 13, issue 1, page 108)
      One of my patients told me of an acquaintance who primaled in the shopping center. Janov described a patient who primaled on the tennis court. Apparently, once initiated, patients primal in any place at any time for the rest of their lives.
    • 1982, Lawrence Edwin Abt, ‎Irving R. Stuart, The Newer Therapies: A Sourcebook (page 369)
      Primaling on the infant level seems so genuinely babyish that the unsophisticated observer may mistake it for psychotic behavior.

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