rapper (plural rappers)

  1. One who, or that which, raps or knocks.
    1. The knocker of a door.
    2. (historical, mining) A swinging knocker for making signals at the mouth of a shaft.
    3. A spiritualistic medium who claims to receive communications from spirits in the form of knocking sounds.
  2. (music) A performer of rap music, or someone who raps in any form of music.
    He rose from the ghetto to become a successful rapper.
  3. (obsolete, Scottish) A sword.
  4. A flexible strip of metal, 45-60cm long, with handles at each end, used for Northumbrian rapper sword dancing.
  5. A mechanical, or later electric, signalling device formerly used in the mines of north-eastern England to signal to the engineman that the cages carrying men or coals up and down the shaft were ready to be raised or lowered.
  6. (colloquial, dated) A bold lie; a whopper.
  7. (colloquial, dated) A loud oath.

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