1. rebuilding or restructuring; large scale repair or renewal.
    ''The conversion of so many old industrial buildings into living quarters was a major factor in the regeneration.
  2. (theology) spiritual rebirth; the change from a carnal or material life to a pious one
  3. (Christianity) The renewal of the world at the second coming of Christ.
  4. (fantasy) an ability possessed by certain creatures to rapidly heal substantial physical damage to their body
  5. (RPG) spontaneous restoration of hit points
    • 1995, David Zeb Cook, Jean Rabe, Warren Spector, Dungeon master guide for the AD&D game (page 202)
      The standard ring of regeneration restores one point of damage per turn (and will eventually replace lost limbs or organs).
    • 2003, Bastion Press, E. W. Morton, Out for Blood
      Regeneration does not restore hit points lost from starvation, thirst, or suffocation.
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