• (British) IPA: /ɹəʊˈzɛt/
  • (America) IPA: /ɹoʊˈzɛt/

rosette (plural rosettes)

  1. An imitation of a rose by means of ribbon or other material, used especially as an ornament or a badge.
  2. (architecture) An ornament in the form of a rose or roundel, much used in decoration.
  3. A red color.
  4. A rose burner.
  5. (botany) One or more whorls of leaves, clustered tightly at the base of a plant.
  6. (botany) A plant growth form in which the plant grows outward in all directions for a short distance, producing a small round shape.
  7. (zoology) Any structure having a flowerlike form; especially, the group of five broad ambulacra on the upper side of the spatangoid and clypeastroid sea urchins.
  8. (zoology) A flowerlike color marking, as on the leopard.
  9. A floral pattern in latte art.
  10. (medicine) A clustered formation of tumor cells.
  11. A thin, cookie-like, deep-fried Scandinavian pastry, made using an iron, which resembles a rose blossom.
  12. A rose shape piped using frosting, most commonly buttercream.
  13. A form of knot.
  14. A disc formed by throwing water on molten metal.
    Synonyms: rondelle
  15. (oceanography) A rosette sampler.
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  • Italian: coccarda
  • Russian: розетта

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