1. Pertaining to, or containing, sediment.
    • 1898, The Bryologist
      Discelium nudum is usually found along the line of excavations, especially rail and wagon roads, on a hard sandy clay substratum, in the basin-like depressions of which muddy water settles, and drying up, leaves a sedimentaceous layer.
    • 1880, History of the Prehistoric Ages
      These new organisms, having a glutinous composition, held the animalculæ they came in contact with as they floated about, and gradually absorbed or digested them, thus sustaining their lives and enabling them to multiply by throwing off large numbers of small cells, which rapidly grew to maturity, propagated their species in the same manner, and when their power to do so was exhausted, like animalculæ, their dead bodies sank and became part of the formation going on in the sedimentaceous matter below.

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