1. present participle of slight#English|slight
    His habit of slighting the company chairman was considered to be inappropriate behaviour.


  1. In the manner of a slight; belittling, deprecative

slighting (plural slightings)

  1. The act of giving a slight or snub.
    • 1848, Lucy Hutchinson, Memoirs of the life of Colonel Hutchinson (page 376)
      […] the rest, who had looked upon him with such disdainful neglect […] now flocked about him, striving who should express most respect, and, by an extraordinary officiousness, redeem their late slightings.
  2. (regional) An act of ignoring or neglecting someone or something; more broadly neglect.
    The slighting of children
  3. (regional) The action of rejecting someone or something; rejection.
    The slighting of a handshake by Samuel ticked off Judi to no end.
  4. (military) The full or partial demolition of a fortification.

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