• (America) IPA: /ˌsɒp.əˈɹɪf.ɪk/, /ˌsoʊ.pəˈɹɪf.ɪk/

soporific (plural soporifics)

  1. Something inducing sleep, especially a drug.
    The doctor prescribed a soporific to help the patient sleep.
  2. (figuratively) Something boring or dull.
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  1. Tending to induce sleep.
    • 1749, Henry Fielding, chapter I, in The History of Tom Jones, a Foundling. In Six Volumes, volume (please specify ), London: Printed by A[ndrew] Millar, […], OCLC 928184292 ↗, book V:
    • 1909, Beatrix Potter, The Tale of The Flopsy Bunnies:
      It is said that the effect of eating too much lettuce is “soporific.” I have never felt sleepy after eating lettuces; but then I am not a rabbit. They certainly had a very soporific effect upon the Flopsy Bunnies!
  2. (figuratively) Boring, dull.
    The professor delivered a soporific lecture.
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