• IPA: /ˈspiːdi/

speedy (comparative speedier, superlative speediest)

  1. rapid; swift
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speedy (speedies, present participle speedying; past and past participle speedied)

  1. (transitive) to process in a faster than normal, accelerated way
    • 1647, {uncredited}, Journals of the House of Lords - Volume 10 - Page 389 ↗
      " […] the Treaty between the King and the Parliament may be speedied; and that Care may be taken, to prevent the casting of the Two Kingdoms into War and Blood."
    • 1871, The Mauritius Reports (page 46)
      […] for the purpose of proceeding to the immediate sale of the goods under seizure, with the view of speedying the exercise of their rights on the proceeds of the sale of the goods seized.
  2. (internet, slang, transitive, Wiktionary and WMF jargon) to apply the speedy rule in an online community (often the deletion rule); speedy delete
    The guy is *not* so obviously insignificant that speedying him is appropriate.

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