• verb: IPA: /ʌndɚˈɛs.tɨ.meɪt/
  • noun: IPA: /ʌndɚˈɛs.tɨ.mɨt/, /ʌndɚˈɛs.tɨ.mət/

underestimate (underestimates, present participle underestimating; past and past participle underestimated)

  1. (transitive) To perceive (someone or something) as having a lower value, quantity, worth, etc., than what he/she/it actually has.
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underestimate (plural underestimates)

  1. An estimate that is too low.
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  • German: Unterschätzung
  • Italian: sottostima
  • Russian: недооце́нка

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