1. (idiomatic) Clean, spotless; original sense “like new”.
    I mopped up the kitchen floor so it was spick-and-span.
    • 1614, Ben Jonson, Bartholomew Fair, Act 3 Scene 5 Lines 42-44:
      NIGHTINGALE (showing one of his ballads) Sir this is a spell against 'em, spick and span new, and 'tis made, as 'twere, in mine own person, and I sing it in mine own defense.
    • 1643 John Taylor, A preter-pluperfect, spick and span new nocturnall, or Mercuries weekly night-newes, Wherein the publique Faith is published, and the Banquet of Oxford Mice described (title)
    • 1665, Samuel Pepys, diary, 15 November 1665:
      My Lady Batten walking through the dirty lane with new spicke and span white shoes.
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