• IPA: /-ɪst/
  • (weak vowel) IPA: /-əst/
  1. Added to words to form nouns denoting:
    1. a person who studies or practices a particular discipline;
      botanist, one who studies plants
      psychiatrist, one who practices psychiatry
    2. a person who uses a device of some kind;
      violinist, one who plays a violin
      bicyclist, one who rides a bicycle
      autoist, one who drives an automobile
      pianist, one who plays the piano
      vapist, one who uses a vaping device
    3. one who engages in a particular type of activity;
      adventurist, one who takes risks or goes on adventures
      artist, one who makes art
      bigamist, one who commits bigamy
      terrorist, one who causes terror
      tourist, one who tours
      Note, many of these are related to -isms: adventurism, terrorism, tourism
    4. one who suffers from a specific condition or syndrome
      autist, egoist
      Note, these are related to -isms: autism, egoism
    5. one who subscribes to a particular theological doctrine or religious denomination;
      Calvinist, Baptist, deist
      Note, these are related to -isms: Calvinism, deism
    6. one who has a certain ideology or set of beliefs;
      Marxist, modernist, nihilist, existentialist, fascist, pacifist, activist, environmentalist,
      Note, these are related to -isms: Marxism, modernism, nihilism, existentialism, fascism, pacifism
    7. one who owns or manages something;
      capitalist; industrialist
      Note, these are related to -isms: capitalism; industrialism
    8. a person who holds bigoted, partial views.
      sexist, racist: Note, these are related to -isms: sexism, racism
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