• (GA) IPA: /kə.ˈneɪ.di.ən/, [kʰə.ˈneɪ.ɾi.ən]


  1. Of, belonging to, or relating to Canada, its people or culture.
  2. (informal) Of, belonging to, or relating to Canadian English.
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Canadian (plural Canadians)

  1. A native or inhabitant of Canada.
  2. (sports, informal) Canadian national championship.
  3. (sports) canoe short for Canadian canoe, as opposed to kayak
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  1. (informal) The English language (spoken or written) as used in Canada; Canadian English.
  • French: anglais canadien
  • German: Kanadisch, (more precisely) kanadisches Englisch
  • Italian: inglese canadese
  • Portuguese: inglês canadense, inglês canadiano
Proper noun
  1. The Canadian River, a river in New Mexico, the Texas Panhandle and Oklahoma in the United States, which is a tributary of the Arkansas River.
  2. A town in Pittsburg County, Oklahoma.
  3. A city/county seat in Hemphill County, Texas.

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