mc (plural mc)

  1. Abbreviation of millicurie#English|millicurie.



  1. Initialism of master of ceremonies
  2. (music, slang) A rapper.
  3. (knitting) Initialism of main colour
  4. Initialism of medical center#English|medical center.
  5. (textiles) Initialism of matching colour
  6. (computing) Initialism of movie clip
  7. Initialism of methylene chloride dichloromethane
  8. Initialism of motorcycle club
  9. Initialism of mail code
  10. Initialism of main character
  11. Initialism of military#English|military cross#English|cross.
  12. (medicine, pathology) Initialism of molluscum contagiosum#English|molluscum contagiosum.
  13. Initialism of Member of Congress.
  14. Initialism of medical#English|medical college#English|college.
  15. (astronomy) Initialism of Mars-crosser
  16. (astrology) Initialism of medium#English|medium coeli, the midheaven or highest point in the sky. Contrasted to Imum Coeli.

mc (mcs, present participle mcing; past and past participle mced)

  1. To emcee, to act as a master of ceremonies.
  2. (music) To rap.
Proper noun
  1. (video games, informal) Initialism of Minecraft
  2. Initialism of Marine Corps#English|Marine Corps.
  3. Abbreviation of Mastercard}.

  1. Abbreviation of megacycle#English|megacycle.
  2. Abbreviation of megahertz#English|megahertz.
  1. (Ireland, patronymic) Alternative form of Mac Irish patronymic surnames meaning "son of"

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