• (America) IPA: /ˌmɪsɪˈsɪpi/
Proper noun
  1. A state of USA.
  2. A major river in USA that flows from north-central Minnesota into the Gulf of Mexico.
  3. A river in Canada that flows from eastern Ontario into the Ottawa River.
Related terms Interjection
  1. Used in a common chronometric counting scheme, in which each iteration is sequentially numbered and supposed to be approximately one second in length.
    • 1996, “Cheers & Jeers”, in Field and Stream, v 101, September, p 12:
      Any reader who uses the old “One Mississippi, Two Mississippi, etc.” method to estimate distance to a storm, and doesn't get any further than a count of five to eight had better be in a safe shelter.

Mississippi (plural Mississippis)

  1. A recitation of “Mississippi” (interjection).
    • 1997, George Clark, The Small Bees’ Honey: Stories, Buffalo, NY: White Pine Press, p 129:
      I counted five Mississippis between each flash of lightning and the thunder crash that followed.
  • (state) the Magnolia State, the Hospitality State (nicknames); MS / [[MS. / Ms. / Ms]], Miss. / MISS. / MISS (abbreviations)
  • (river) the Big Muddy (also used for the Missouri), Big River, Body of a Nation, El Grande, El Grande de Soto, the Father of Waters, the Gathering of Waters, the Great River, the Mighty Mississippi, the Muddy Mississippi, Old Man River (nicknames)
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