• (America) IPA: /əˈbɹəˌt͡ʃʊɹ/


  1. An abridgment; a compendium; an abstract. [since the late 16th century]
  2. (obsolete) An abbreviated state or form. [only during the early to mid 17th century]
  3. A shortened form of a word or phrase, used in place of the whole; an abbreviation. [since the mid 17th century]
    • 1716, Thomas Browne, Christian Morals, 2nd edition edited by Samuel Johnson, London: J. Payne, 1756, Part I, p. 37,
      The hand of PROVIDENCE writes often by abbreviatures, hieroglyphicks or short characters […]
  4. (obsolete) The process of abbreviating. [only during the early to late 17th century]
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