• (RP, Canada) IPA: /ˈæd.ʌlt/, /ˈæd.əlt/
  • (America, Canada) IPA: /əˈdʌlt/, /ˈæd.əlt/

adult (plural adults)

  1. A fully grown human or animal.
  2. A person who has reached the legal age of majority.
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  1. Fully grown.
    an adult human, animal, or plant
  2. Intended for or restricted to adults rather than children.
    adult clothes
    • 1973, Marshall Kaplan, Gans, and Kahn, Children and the urban environment (page 21)
      In May 1967 the WGBH Education Division submitted an initial proposal to HUD for a series of four adult television documentaries on conservation in an urban environment.
  3. Containing material of an explicit sexual nature; of, or pertaining to, pornography.
    an adult movie
    This program contains adult content. Parental discretion is advised.
  4. Vulgar or profane.
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  • Italian: per adulti
  • Russian: для взрослый

adult (adults, present participle adulting; past and past participle adulted) (transitive)

  1. (nonstandard, rare) To (cause to) be or become an adult.
    • 1974, Occasional Papers (Syracuse University), issues 42-46, page 5:
      Womanhood was achieved at twenty-one, when the female was "adulted"; manhood was fully achieved at twenty-five, […]
  2. (informal) To behave like an adult.

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