• IPA: /ˈbiː.zəm/

besom (plural besoms)

  1. A broom made from a bundle of twigs tied onto a shaft.
  2. (Scotland, Northern England, derogatory) A troublesome woman.
  3. Any cleansing or purifying agent.
  • German: Besen, Reisigbesen
  • Italian: scopa di saggina
  • Russian: метла
Translations Verb

besom (besoms, present participle besoming; past and past participle besomed)

  1. (archaic, poetic) To sweep.
    • 1954, Dylan Thomas, Under Milk Wood'', page 13,
      Now, in her iceberg-white, holily laundered crinoline nightgown, under virtuous polar sheets, in her spruced and scoured dust-defying bedroom in trig and trim Bay View, a house for paying guests at the top of the town, Mrs Ogmore-Prichard widow, twice, of Mr Ogmore, linolium, retired, and Mr Prichard, failed bookmaker, who maddened by besoming, swabbing and scrubbing, the voice of the vacuum-cleaner and the fume of polish, ironically swallowed disinfectant...

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