• (GA) IPA: /ˈbɑməɹ/

bomber (plural bombers)

  1. (aviation) A military aircraft designed to carry and drop bombs.
  2. A person who sets bombs, especially as an act of terrorism.
  3. A bomber jacket.
    • 2012 November 15, Tom Lamont, How Mumford & Sons became the biggest band in the world ↗ (in The Guardian)
      First singer and guitarist Marcus Mumford, wearing a black suit, then bassist Ted Dwane, in leather bomber and T-shirt. Next bearded banjo player Winston Marshall, his blue flannel shirt hanging loose, and pianist Ben Lovett, wrapped in a woollen coat.
  4. (US) A 22-ounce beer bottle.
  5. A graffiti bomber.
    • 2002, Ivor Miller, Aerosol kingdom: subway painters of New York City (page 195)
      To bomb the system is to saturate MTA subway cars with one's signatures. ln the 1980s, certain writers were identified as bombers because they had mastered all disciplines of the form: insides, throw-ups, window-downs, top-to-bottoms, […]
  6. (slang) A large cannabis cigarette.
    • 2011, Vera Rubin, Cannabis and Culture (page 510)
      In Canada, marihuana cigarettes rarely contain any tobacco, and may vary in size from a few hundred milligrams up to a several gram "bomber."
    • 2017, Thomas Conrad, The Reunion
      That night, I swallowed the last of my pain pills, smoked a bomber, and let the drugs carry me away.
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  1. (climbing, slang) Completely solid and secure, usually referring to some form of protective gear (n.b. the forms "more bomber" or "most bomber" are unusual).

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