bounder (plural bounders)

  1. Something that bounds or jumps.
  2. (UK, dated) A dishonourable man; a cad.
  3. A social climber.
  4. That which limits; a boundary.
    • 1638 Martin Fotherby (Iacob Blome: London) [;view=fulltext Atheomastix p.269]:
      Let the mountaine Pyrenaeus diuide the French, and Spaniards: and the wildernesse of Sand the Aethiopians, from Aegyptians. And in like manner also be all other Kingdomes: they are bound within their bounders, as it were in bands; and shut-vp within their limits, as it were in prison.
  5. (UK, obsolete, colloquial) A four-wheeled type of dogcart or cabriolet

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