• (British) IPA: /ˈbʌlˌhɛd/

bullhead (plural bullheads)

  1. (North America) any of a variety of related species of generally dark-colored catfish in the family Ictaluridae.
    1. (North America) The black bullhead, Ameiurus melas.
    2. (North America) The brown bullhead, Ameiurus nebulosus.
    3. (North America) The yellow bullhead, Ameiurus natalis.
      Synonyms: mudcat
  2. (Europe, Asia) Any of various sculpins of the order Scorpaeniformes
  3. (Europe, Asia) The European bullhead, Cottus gobio.
  4. (New Zealand) A fish of species Gobiomorphus gobioides.
  5. (rail transport) bullhead rail
  6. (horology) a chronograph (watch or stopwatch) with two push buttons arranged like the horns of a bull on the top end of the case, typically with the crown between them.
  • Russian: подка́менщик

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