• IPA: /ˈspiːʃiːz/, /ˈspiːsiːz/. Some speakers pronounce the singular with -ɪz, the plural with -iːz.

species (plural species)

  1. Type or kind. (Compare race.)
    the male species, a new species of war''
    • What is called spiritualism should, I think, be called a mental species of materialism.
    1. A group of plants or animals having similar appearance.
      This species of animal is unique to the area.
    2. (taxonomy) A rank in the classification of organisms, below genus and above subspecies; a taxon at that rank.
      • 1859, Charles Darwin, On the Origin of Species:
        Hence, in determining whether a form should be ranked as a species or a variety, the opinion of naturalists having sound judgment and wide experience seems the only guide to follow.
      • 1992, Rudolf M[athias] Schuster, The Hepaticae and Anthocerotae of North America: East of the Hundredth Meridian, volume V, New York, N.Y.: Columbia University Press, →ISBN, page vii:
        Firstly, I continue to base most species treatments on personally collected material, rather than on herbarium plants.
    3. (mineralogy) A mineral with a unique chemical formula whose crystals belong to a unique crystallographic system.
  2. An image, an appearance, a spectacle.
    1. (obsolete) The image of something cast on a surface, or reflected from a surface, or refracted through a lens or telescope; a reflection.
      I cast the species of the Sun onto a sheet of paper through a telescope.
    2. Visible or perceptible presentation; appearance; something perceived.
      • Wit, […] the faculty of imagination in the writer, which searches over all the memory for the species or ideas of those things which it designs to represent.
      • the species of the letters illuminated with indigo and violet
    3. A public spectacle or exhibition.
  3. (Christianity) Either of the two elements of the Eucharist after they have been consecrated.
  4. Coin, or coined silver, gold, or other metal, used as a circulating medium; specie.
    • There was, in the splendour of the Roman empire, a less quantity of current species in Europe than there is now.
  5. A component part of compound medicine; a simple.
  6. An officinal mixture or compound powder of any kind; especially, one used for making an aromatic tea or tisane; a tea mixture.
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  1. plural form of specie

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