Pronunciation Verb

cheep (cheeps, present participle cheeping; past and past participle cheeped)

  1. Of a small bird, to make short, high-pitched sounds sounding like "cheep".
    • 1945 August 17, George Orwell [pseudonym; Eric Arthur Blair], chapter 1, in Animal Farm: A Fairy Story, London: Secker & Warburg, OCLC 3655473 ↗:
      […] a brood of ducklings, which had lost their mother, filed into the barn, cheeping feebly and wandering from side to side […]
  2. To express in a chirping tone.
    • 1847, Tennyson, "O Swallow, Swallow, flying South" in The Princess, lines 7-9,
      O Swallow, Swallow, if I could follow, and light / Upon her lattice, I would pipe and trill, / And cheep and twitter twenty million loves.
Translations Noun

cheep (plural cheeps)

  1. A short, high-pitched sound made by a small bird.
  1. The short, high-pitched sound made by a small bird.
  • Russian: чири́к

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