cobweb (plural cobwebs)

  1. A spiderweb, or the remains of one, especially an asymmetrical one that is woven with an irregular pattern of threads.
    • 1865, Henry David Thoreau, Cape Cod, Chapter X. "Provincetown", page 200.
      […] there was stretched across his gateway a circular cobweb of the largest kind and quite entire. This looked so ominous that I actually turned aside and went in the back way.
  2. One of its filaments; gossamer
  3. (figurative) Something thin and unsubstantial, or flimsy and worthless; valueless remainder.
    • The dust and cobwebs of that uncivil age.
  4. An intricate plot to catch the unwary
    • Entangled in the cobwebs of the schools.
  5. (internet slang, rare) A web page that either has not been updated for a long time, or that is rarely visited
  6. The European spotted flycatcher, Muscicapa striata.
  7. (informal, usually, in the plural) fuzzy inexact memories

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