come in
  • (British) IPA: /kʌm ˈɪn/, [kʰɐm ˈɪn]
  • (America) IPA: /kʌm ˈɪn/, [kʰʌm ˈɪn]

come in

  1. To enter.
    Please come in and look around.
    • 2016, [ VOA Learning English] (public domain)
      Come in. … Well, Anna, welcome. ― Thank you.
  2. To arrive.
    That flight just came in.
  3. To become relevant, applicable or useful.
    The third stage of the plan is where Team B comes in.
    • 1889, Thomas Huxley, in Popular Science Monthly; part of the "Agnosticism controversy", Agnosticism: A Rejoinder
      As I have shown, "infidel" merely means somebody who does not believe what you believe yourself, and therefore Dr. Wace has a perfect right to call, say, my old Egyptian donkey-driver, Nooleh, and myself, infidels, just as Nooleh and I have a right to call him an infidel. The ludicrous aspect of the thing comes in only when either of us demands that the two others should so label themselves.
  4. To become available.
    Blueberries will be coming in next month.
  5. (of a, broadcast, such as radio or television) To have a strong enough signal to be able to be received well.
    Most of the neighbors get 14 channels, but only two of them come in well here.
  6. (music) To join or enter; to begin playing with a group.
    They started together, but the drummer came in late.
  7. (often, imperative) To begin transmitting.
    This is Charlie 456 to base. Come in, base. Do you read me?
  8. To function in the indicated manner.
    Four-wheel drive sure came in handy while the bridge was washed out.
  9. (of a, fugitive or a person in hiding) To surrender; to turn oneself in.
  10. (intransitive) To give in; to yield.
  11. To finish a race or similar competition in a particular position, such as first place, second place or the like.
    The horse I had bet on came in fourth in the second race.
  12. To finish a race or similar competition in first place.
    My horse came in in the first race.
  13. (of the tide) To rise.
    The tide will come in in an hour.
    Antonyms: go out
  14. To become fashionable.
    Orange blouses are coming in!
  • German: ins Spiel kommen
  • Russian: вступа́ть

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