• (British) IPA: /kəˈmɛnʃəɹət/
  • (America) IPA: /kəˈmɛnʃəɹət/


  1. Of a proportionate or similar measurable standard.
    • 1962, Senator Mike Mansfield, "Report to the President on Southeast Asia-Vietnam"
      If it is essential in our interests to maintain a quasi-permanent position of power on the Asian mainland as against the Chinese then we must be prepared to continue to pay the present cost in Vietnam indefinitely and to meet any escalation on the other side with at least a commensurate escalation of commitment of our own.
  2. (physics) Describing a crystal in which every atom or molecule is placed in the same relative position
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commensurate (commensurates, present participle commensurating; past and past participle commensurated)

  1. To reduce to a common measure.
  2. To proportionate; to adjust.

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