• IPA: /kəˈnɛktɪd/


  1. (usually with "well-"): Having favorable rapport with a powerful entity.
  2. Having relationships; involved with others.
  3. (North America) involved with organized crime, specifically someone not (yet) working for a crime organization, but referred to as a "friend" by made guys/wise guys inside the organization.
  4. Intimate; Having bonds of affection.
  5. (mathematics, topology, of a topological space) That cannot be partitioned into two nonempty open sets.
  6. (mathematics, graph theory, of a graph) Having a path, either directed or undirected, connecting every pair of vertices.
    In a connected graph, there is no section (proper subset that includes all edges from each vertex in said subset) of the graph that is isolated from the rest.
  7. Having or supporting connections, especially when through technology such as networking software or a transportation network.
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  1. Simple past tense and past participle of connect

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