• IPA: /dɪsˈmaʊnt/

dismount (dismounts, present participle dismounting; past and past participle dismounted)

  1. (ambitransitive) To (cause to) get off (something).
    She carefully dismounted from the horse.
    She carefully dismounted the horse.
  2. (computing, ambitransitive) To make (a mounted drive) unavailable for use.
    The VMS operator tried to dismount the Unix hard drive with the DISMOUNT DISK$NFSMOUNT command, instead of umount /mnt/nfshome.
    • 1995, Rick Sant'Angelo, NetWare unleashed (page 1130)
      PROBLEM: A volume periodically dismounts. There are two drives with one volume on each. From time to time, the second volume dismounts and the drive shuts down.
  3. (intransitive) To come down; to descend.
    • But now the bright sun ginneth to dismount.
  4. (military, transitive) To throw (cannon) off their carriages.
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  • French: démonter
  • Russian: демонти́ровать
  • Russian: демонти́ровать
  • French: descendre
  • Russian: спуска́ться

dismount (plural dismounts)

  1. (gymnastics) The part of a routine in which the gymnast detaches from an apparatus.
    It was a stylish routine, let down by a sloppy dismount.

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