Pronunciation Adjective

ducky (comparative duckier, superlative duckiest)

  1. Resembling or characteristic of a duck.
  2. (slang, archaic) Great; going well; proceeding in an eminently agreeable fashion.
    Farnesworth smiled contentedly as he read the stock ticker; all was ducky on Wall Street.
    • 1930, Mickey Mouse newspaper comic
      Isn't this the duckiest little leather skirt you ever saw?
Synonyms Noun

ducky (plural duckies)

  1. (childish) A duck (aquatic bird), especially a toy rubber duck
    • 1990, Donna LeBlanc, You can't quit until you know what's eating you
      Do little things for your Inner Child, like taking bubble baths. Invite a rubber ducky to play with you...
  2. An affectionate pet name.
    "Morning, ducky!" said Roderick, as he gave his partner a quick peck on the cheek and sat down to breakfast.

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