• (America) enPR: do͞o'plĕks, IPA: /ˈduplɛks/

duplex (not comparable)

  1. Double, made up of two parts.
  2. (telecommunications) Bidirectional in two directions.
    duplex telegraphy
  3. (soil science) Having horizons with contrasting textures.
    • 1977, Australian Journal of Botany (volume 25, page 462)
      Soils are duplex, sandy and solodic. The dominant trees are the stringybark eucalypts […]
  • (bidirectional) simplex unidirectional
Translations Noun

duplex (plural duplexes)

  1. (US) A house made up of two dwelling units.
  2. (philately) A cancellation combining a numerical cancellation with a second mark showing time, date, and place of posting.
  3. (juggling) A throwing motion where two balls are thrown with one hand at the same time.
  4. (biochemistry) A double-stranded polynucleotide.
  5. (geology) A system of multiple thrust faults bounded above and below by a roof thrust and floor thrust.
    • 1993, David J. Lidke, ‎Jack Burton Epstein, ‎Chester A. Wallace, U.S. Geological Survey Bulletin (page 16)
      In contrast, the folds in the overlying lithotectonic unit 4 are larger and are cut by a series of faults in a duplex.
    • 1995, Robert D. Hatcher, Structural Geology: Principles, Concepts, and Problems (page 211)
      It has been noted, using a combination of surface geologic and seismic reflection data, that a duplex, although formed in response to movement of a thrust sheet, frequently arches the thrust sheet as the duplex is built by duplication of rocks beneath it […]
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duplex (duplexes, present participle duplexing; past and past participle duplexed)

  1. To make duplex.
  2. To make into a duplex.
  3. (juggling) To make a series of duplex throws.
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