• (British) IPA: /djʊˈɹɛs/, /d͡ʒʊˈɹɛs/
  • (America) IPA: /duˈɹɛs/

duress (uncountable)

  1. (obsolete) Harsh treatment.
    • The agreements […] made with the landlords during the time of slavery, are only the effect of duress and force.
  2. Constraint by threat.
  3. (legal) Restraint in which a person is influenced, whether by lawful or unlawful forceful compulsion of their liberty by monition or implementation of physical enforcement; legally for the incurring of civil liability, of a citizen's arrest, or of subrogation, or illegally for the committing of an offense, of forcing a contract, or of using threats.
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  • Russian: заточе́ние

duress (duresses, present participle duressing; past and past participle duressed)

  1. To put under duress; to pressure.
    Someone was duressing her.
    The small nation was duressed into giving up territory.

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