1. present participle of fawn#English|fawn


  1. Seeking favor by way of flattery; flattering, servile.
    • circa 1596-97 William Shakespeare, The Merchant of Venice, Act I scene iii:
      smallcaps Shylock: How like a fawning publican he looks ! […]

fawning (plural fawnings)

  1. Servile flattery.
    • circa 1599-1601 William Shakespeare, Hamlet, Act III scene ii:
      smallcaps Hamlet: No, let the candied tongue lick absurd pomp, / And crook the pregnant hinges of the knee / Where thrift may follow fawning.
    • Xantippus found his ruin ere it reached him, / Lurking behind your honours and rewards; / Found it in your feigned courtesies and fawnings.

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