• IPA: /ˈheɪtfəl/

hateful (comparative hatefuller, superlative hatefullest)

  1. Evoking a feeling of hatred.
  2. Dislikeable.
    • 1682, Thomas Otway, Venice Preserv’d, or, A Plot Discover’d. A Tragedy. […], London: Printed for Jos[eph] Hindmarsh […], OCLC 664400715 ↗, Act I, scene i, pages 3–4 ↗:
      Home I would go, / But that my doors#English|Dores are hatefull to my eyes. / Fill'd and damm'd up with gaping Creditors, / Watchful as Fowlers when their Game will spring; [...]
  3. Full of hatred.
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  • Russian: отврати́тельный
  • Spanish: odioso

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